Fitness Store Caught Trading in Anabolic Steroids

Addict, The Dependence Of, Drug Addiction, AddictionThe Mechelen investigating judge arrested four people on Thursday who are suspected of being involved in the trade-in prohibited products in the fitness and bodybuilder environment. These include the managers of a fitness shop in the Spuibeekstraat.

Investigators had learned in recent weeks that prohibited products were being sold in Mechelen. It soon became clear that a courier regularly drove from Mechelen to the Netherlands to purchase illegal products there. The users of anabolic steroids are more and more common men with normal jobs who simply order their drugs via the internet. This is apparent from two unpublished studies.

Use of Anabolic Steroids is Increasing

In the Netherlands, 20,000 people use doping (anabolic steroids) for cosmetic purposes, more muscle, less fat. How did they get the doping? New research shows more and more via the internet or just click the website for more info that trade is increasing, with all its consequences. Many of the drugs are false, have incorrect dosages or compositions, are not produced sterile or are intended for animals. Users, therefore, run the risk of additional complications, in addition to the existing dangers such as aggressiveness, prostate enlargement, liver and kidney problems, and increased blood pressure.

The VU Medical Center has had a special steroids outpatient clinic for half a year, the first results in EenVandaag, attention to the growing illegal trade via the internet, investigated by the Dutch Doping Authority and a conversation with Ron, who has been using steroids for 30 years.

Police Investigation: Does it Increase or Decrease?

The police are finding more and more doping in our country. This is evident from the 2010 annual report of the federal hormone cell. The recreational use of anabolic steroids, in particular, has increased markedly.
It is already the second year in a row that the number of violations of human doping has increased. Compared to 2009, an increase of 40 percent has been observed, compared to 2008 even doubling. Not only have more postal items been intercepted, but the police are also increasingly finding doping products during house searches.

It is also stated in the report of the hormone cell that anabolics have already resulted in a few deaths. Most doping products are sent from illegal laboratories within the EU. The illegal substances can have serious consequences for the mental and physical condition.

Francis Clarysse, a coordinator of the hormone cell, argues for more control. Doping is not only used in top sport, but he also explains. “Anabolic have become commonplace and are spread everywhere. (…) The products also end up with young people in the nightlife environment. They take these products to look better. That is why we would like to see more controls in that area”, sounds it to VRT.

The hormone cell also asks for “aggravating circumstances” to be included in the legislation if an incurable disease, severe mutilation or death is caused by the products.