• extreme heat in Asian regionsExtreme record-breaking heat has been affecting Asian regions since April up to the present; exacerbating the living conditions of vulnerable people. The heat has been unbearable for those forced to live in refugee camps and in informal settlements; particularly those living in makeshift settlements that do not provide protection to residents in extreme weather conditions.

Extreme temperatures reaching well above 40°C have been making it difficult for farmers, construction workers, transportation drivers, fishermen and other workers who basically rely on outdoor-based livelihoods. The difficult conditions have resulted in increased health risks and reduction, if not total loss of income.

The Asian countries most affected are Syria, Pakistan, Israel, Lebanon and Jordan in West Asia. In the South and Southeast Asian countries, residents of Vietnam, Lao, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand have also been impacted by the extreme temperatures. The education authorities in the Philippines in East Asia ordered the shut down of schools since many students, mostly coming from poor and low-income families, are experiencing heat exhaustion amidst the sweltering temperatures in overcrowded rooms.

Although many educators in the aforementioned Asian regions perceive the school shutdowns necessary in order to protect the wellbeing of students, they also see the widening education gap between public and private school students. Many live in greatly underserved areas and cannot afford to attend online classes. The various disparaging conditions caused by the excessively warm temperatures pose critical concerns that affect the development of a nation’s human resources.

Climate Scientists Confirm Record-Breaking Heat are Effects of Human-Induced Climate Change

heat wave temperatureClimate scientists from the United Kingdom, the US, Sweden, Netherlands, Lebanon and Malaysia came together to assess the intensity of the heat wave affecting the three Asian regions West Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia Based on peer-reviewed data, the scientists were able to confirm that human induced climate change had raised the levels of temperature in those aforementioned regions.

Actually, many reported and under-reported deaths in the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Palestine, Bangladesh and Vietnam were caused by the extreme heat that enveloped the countries since April 2024.

Local governments are under great pressure to take action in providing immediate help and relief to displaced people, including migrants and those living in makeshift houses by providing them with ample supply of water and access to medicines and health care services.