Climate Scientists Surprised with Findings of Global Carbon Project but Remain Optimistic in Achieving Climate Goals

Climate scientists were surprised by findings that revealed how global CO2 emissions reverted to the same levels recorded before the COVID-19 lockdowns. As countries from all over the world were forced to halt non-essential businesses and activities including non-essential travels, carbon dioxide emissions declined by 5.4% on 2020.

However, Global Carbon Project released a scientific report that foresees the planet-heating CO2 gas will increase by 4.9% this 2021. Scientists mentioned that this year’s increase in CO2 emissions emphasizes how important it is for everyone to take part in the emergency actions agreed upon by world leaders in the COP 26 summit in Glasgow.

Are the COP 26 Emergency Climate Actions Achievable?

The fast recovery of greenhouse gas emissions clashes with the challenging goal of cutting carbon dioxide to prevent the global temperature from rising at 1.5°C. According to scientists, it is the global warming temperature level at which the planet will experience destructive conditions/

University of East Anglia’s Prof. Corinne Le Quéré mentioned that in order to limit climate change to below 1.5°C, CO2 emissions have to go down to net zero by year 2050. Professor Le Quéré added that by addressing this by way of a straight line approach, it mean that global emissions will have cut down 1.4 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

While this can be challenging, climate scientists are saying that this is achievable. During global lockdowns last year, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions reached 1.9 billion tonnes. That raises hopes that through concerted global actions the goal to reduce CO2 to net zero is still achievable.