Just Stop Oil : Are They Society’s Friends or Foes

It’s a known fact that fossil fuel use has caused severe damages to the environment specifically in geographical locations where they are sourced and produced. That is why the British environmental activist group that calls itself the “Just Stop Oil”(JSO) group is using direct action by carrying out civil resistance, traffic obstruction and vandalism to force the British government to put an end to all licensing and production actions related to fossil fuel.

The continued use of fossil fuel has caused serious damages to the planet that humanity is already racing against time when the damages caused are no longer reversible. The JSO activists have recently been taking desperate steps in demanding the immediate halt on all future approval of licenses to conduct further exploration and production of fossil fuels in the United Kingdom.

Young People are Spearheading the Protest Actions

Majority of the activists are young people whose future as adults and the future of their children are the ones who will be gravely affected by the dreaded effects of global warming. However, it became apparent that Britons are generally not concerned about the future but are more focused in dealing with the present.

In their recent protest, motorists did not wait for police authorities to apprehend the protesters for obstructing traffic that was causing disorder. Citizens took it upon themselves to remove the protesters. At Wimbledon, some even expressed disdain rather than support for the activists since they had disrupted a much awaited sports event.

The “Just Stop Oil” group first attracted attention in March after they founded their group in February 2022. People are wondering why the JSO activists are taking their protest to the streets and to places where they will cause disruption in order to attract attention. Yet an observer said it was more thoughtful to ask


“”Why fewer people are taking actions aimed at reducing the threats posed by climate change?”