Surf Trip: Contribution To Climate Protection

Sustainable surfing holidays seem to mutate into impossibility as soon as you arrive. If you are a landlocked surfer and are not lucky enough to live near a sea with surfing conditions, you usually have to get on a plane and the ecological footprint.

Surfers can live sustainably on the go

From a sustainable hotel to couch surfing, everything is possible. If the choice falls on the hotel, attention must be paid to the use of resources, such as water and energy, and reduced waste production.

Eco-Food for hungry surfers

Regional food and traditional dishes are also part of a sustainable journey and are also like organic fertilizer for your cultural horizon.

Recyclable surfboards

What you usually get wedged between your feet and your shaft is toxic in the making and ultimately impossible to recycle. There are alternatives that are not only sustainable but also provide an exciting story for your wooden surfboard. To find surfing materials, you can find companies online. The products of this company are premium made and can be accessed worldwide. If you need extra diving in your surfing, you can find the perfect gear on their platform.


Some points about surfing and environmental protection

Don’t leave rubbish behind. It’s best if you even pick up rubbish. Unfortunately, you always find something on the way out of the water.

Observe the local beach rules, especially in relation to nature reserves. Pay attention to seabird nesting times when kiting or the coastal protection and don’t walk through the dunes and beach grass.

Organize your logistics as sustainably as possible. For example, you can do carpooling.

Say no to plastic. Use reusable packaging for your snacks and coffee/tea after the surf.

There are green alternatives for a lot of surfing stuff. Be smart and take the better.

Get involved. One possibility is usually beach clean-ups. Here you can organize clean-ups yourself or take part in them.

You are the sustainable guest in the surfer’s paradise

No matter how ecologically designed your accommodation and trip can be, sustainability only works if paradise also benefits from it. Squandering your travel budget on international chains and major investors takes local people’s livelihoods out of their pockets. It’s better to rely on regional surf schools, accommodation, and others.