In an effort to have a sustainable future, it is important to think of what the world today. We need to find ways of meeting the needs of our environment and at the same time, protecting it as well as its natural resources. Meaning to say, in everything we do, it is essential that we put our resources and environment as the top priority. This is regardless if you are camping out and using what you got, commuting to and from work, travelling and whatnot.

What does it mean to become Sustainable?

To become really sustainable, it actually means to know and understand thoroughly how to meet the demands of the present world without having to compromise the requirements of future generation to meet its own demands.

How it can be Achievable?

Today, world leaders agreed on implementing strategies that are aiming to help make way in using resources in their nation in the most sustainable way. There are strategies prepared for it such as:

  • Conserving resources
  • Taking advantage of local materials
  • Involving local people and;
  • Using the appropriate technology

Resource is basically anything that can be used by people. Natural resources for instance is an example. This can also be classified into two groups; renewable as well as non-renewable resources.

  1. Renewable resource – what this simply mean is, the resource can be used time and time again. This makes it more sustainable and good examples are wind, sun, wave energy and wood.
  2. Non-renewable resource – in simple words, these are finite resources. It will eventually run out. Thus, it is not sustainable if used in the long run. Top examples are fossil fuels similar to coal, oil and gas.

All resources, regardless if it is renewable or not should be managed carefully. For instance, you may use non-renewable resource that helps in prolonging its use like reusing old tires and so forth. Then again, there are renewable resources that could pollute the world if it is overused.

Energy Resources

Majority of the energy produced by our planet comes directly from the sun. We are able to harness it through solar power. We can also use other materials to produce energy such as oil and coal from animal life and dead plant. However, both of these take thousands of years in order to produce and thus, can’t be replenished in lifetime.